3 June 16, the Italian transmission manufacturer Campagnolo in Spain is the great Canary Islands released a series of four models of new products, respectively is riding Potenza 11 speed machinery suite, shamal ultra C17 aluminum wheel group, "my cefex" app and has been put into test of hydraulic disc brake. The author was invited as the representative of the Chinese media have honor to participate in the conference and trial activities, in two days of riding a real experience except for hydraulic disc brake of three new products. Campy in a period of two days of activities, nine am and six pm every day release of new products, and the rest of the ti cheap jordan shoes for men me by the press officer Riddle Joshua led to try to ride experience. On the first day of the morning, the release of the first appearance of the event - Potenza machinery 11 speed suite. : the data of about Potenza believe that many people have been through various channels to understand somewhat, this is a positioning in the end of 11 speed machinery suite, lower than their own super record, record and chorus. Its direct competitors for Shimano ultegra suite. conference after the end, by invited the media to in situ changed outfits, and receive a car according to the prior to the provision of data debugging good bike. Test car assembly has just rel cheap jordans online eased the Potenza kit, Zonda wheel group, as well as Campy custom carbon fiber frame, the vertical, seat tube. (foot pedal by the media to provide, so will see all kinds of pictures in a variety of foot) test ride route is not long, about 60 kilometers, but because of the special terrain of Gran Canaria, try riding route basic is dominated by mountain road. In along the coast line ups and downs road cycling the ten kilometers, try cycling team began to go the great Canary Island hinterland, continues to climb to this in the beginning. hand Design and Campy hand most of the mechanical transmission is similar to the shape of the brake is a direct copy Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping of the Super Record. In the process of riding, hand work has been diligent, the Varicushion technology of the rubber sleeve has a strong and comfortable grip. Due to the design of the back side of the diamond grid structure, making this set of rubber sleeve has a better flexibility and buffering capacity. In fact, Gran Canaria road conditions is not flat mountain often patched with gravel roads appear, hand set good elasticity does make riding experience a lot of comfort. the fly in the ointment is located in the brake handle shifting lever travel slightly longer, especially left front derailleur) deflector rod and feels the need to promote in grea Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping t angle to complete the positioning. Of course the right hand (DIAL) to the deflector rod feeling slightly better, after all, the whole trip can toggle three files, so when only for a file when travel is not an exaggeration. reduction gear lever touch very simply, the trip is very short, some feel like electronic speed 〉before the undefeated fragment design converse three party joint funds, after the Mita, Sneakers, CONVERSE cooperation funds, we seem to coincide with the "Chuck Taylor ALL STAR" idea. Yesterday's news, there are introduced to this Mita Sneakers version, and now add two clear product map for everyone, fully see the face of the cheap jordans for sale se shoes". Mita Sneakers is also from Tokyo well-known shoe store, with no less than atoms, the elements of camouflage work with CONVERSE Chuck Taylor ALL STAR using the hot side, is added to the design of zipper white color in the side, also has a clear hierarchical effect. All of the shoes are waterproof and coated with canvas. In addition, Thinsulate material is added to the interior to further improve the heat retention. Of course, this is obviously not suitable for summer wear, although it is sold in the summer. It is worth mentioning is the shoe insole, although hidden on the inside, but is definitely a nice scenery, the net surface made of met Retro jordans for sale al, it's like Mita Sneakers metal structure store display rack, very interesting. You'll have to wait for a month to start. source: HIGHSNOBIETY in undefeated just start in 2002, NIKE had Undefeated and host Eddie Cruz to launch Dunk version of high top shoes, each with a white rubber sole, Young Pioneers municipal headquarters President LOGO, 24 (a total of 48 double double) does not open the ultra limited conditions, then become fashionable for a time. After a lapse of 11 years, Undefeated has just celebrated the end of 10 years birthday, the brand will once again its own five bar Logo as one of the elements, and Nike brought toget Cheap air jordans for sale her this "Bring Back" suit. shoe shape and the first cooperation between the two sides super limited 24 dual White Gum version is very similar, but the new won on the old school and modern sophisticated shoemaking technology combined, plus Undefeated enough power, the two Dunk High and Hyperdunk have the potential to become the object of yellow price speculation the cattle of the party, the shoes will be in February 9th in the Undefeated flagship store and the official website for sale, in addition Nike retailers have in charge, to start you will now be ready. [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] June 14, the world's leading brand consulting firm cheap foamposites and the annual Best Global Brands list released agency Interbrand released annual Best Global Green Brands 2013 ranking. Toyota brand automotive industry (first), Ford (second) and Honda (third) occupy the top three list. And has been promoting environmental protection green outdoor brand is almost no selected, only the outdoor part of consanguinity Adidas fast fashion brand ranked No. 15, another sports giant Nike brand ranked thirty-one. Adidas (page 15), Nike (Article 31) are in this year's list of the world's top leading retail / apparel brands. Now, this brand more than ever before are asked to be responsible in their factories around the wor cheap jordans for sale mens ld for quality and safety. Adidas closely reviewing its supply chain; Nike has become more water and energy efficient use of the enterprise; H & amp; M has signed the fire and building safety protocol; ZARA in New York to establish an eco-friendly stores, with a motion detector, to reduce energy consumption. 2013 Best Global Green Brands ranking Interbrand released 2013 annual Best Global Green Brands report examines the gap between each company's environmental actions and consumer perceptions. Each year, 50 before determining the best global green brands when, Interbrand companies began to organize its annual Best Global Brands ranking 100 bra Retro jordans for sale nds, Interbrand company then conducted extensive consumer research, to get the public brand cognitive sustainability or green practice actions, and the development of performance data provided by the Deloitte sustainable environment - the data is based on public information obtained comparative study. "What makes the annual Best Global Green Brands ranking report is so unique and valuable? Because it will examine the sustainability performance brand of practical action and public cognition." Global CEO of Interbrand company Jez Frampton case said. "The report provides for each brand is very insightful, told that they need to develop a strong strategy, which will not only drive the business forward, will have a positive impact on the environment and society of these enterprises do business." About Interbrand Interbrand was founded in 1974, is the world's largest integrated brand consulting firm, dedicated to the world's major brand customers comprehensive one-stop brand consulting services. Interbrand's customer base covering about 2/3 of the Fortune Global 100 companies. As a global field of advertising, marketing and corporate communications leadership Herald - Omnicom Group (Omnicom Group) member companies, Interbrand has covered global network of resources, has so far has 42 offices in 28 countries. . leader of Deloitte & Touche study of global sustainable development, David Pearson (David Pearson) said:. "Sustainable Development work continued on a daily matter of business performance of its own effect customers and stakeholders are affect on the performance of sustainable development more accountable, while companies also active in efforts to action to ensure that their external perception may reflect its internal efforts. Therefore, the world's leading brand of exhibit enhanced degree more focused and sustainable development in the field of innovation - led to the development of better programs and Report "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partner: Apparel IT). & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; LeBron James this season may be rare empty handed, but "shoe king" he deserved. XI Zoom, Soldier VII LeBron and XI Elite LeBron out of the countless colors, and this LeBron 11 Kings "Crown EXT" is also about to come. The yellow metal texture of the suede alloy junction Hyperposite material to build the body of the shoe, King James of the glory and the domineering king take in everything in a glance. Blue Crystal outsole is like the king of the crown in the sapphire, black uppers and metal foil shiny. 〉 item: 677693-001price: $1999