NBA Western Conference finals in today, the first open a dozen, the rockets at Oracle arena, away once lead 16 points under the deficit by opponents, eventually to 110-115 defeat the warriors, the Western Conference finals 1-0 backward. MVP and MVP both played super personal performance, in addition to other players also have a lot of wonderful scenes here with everyone together to review. Barbosa the three men hit the pass from Iguodala! Thompson chase cap harden! harden back step shot shot, excited make salt celebration! In Cappella's library to prevent heavy shooting! Barnes breakthrough dunks with both hands, this flight feeling good. harden third last minute break hit the buzzer! harden four consecutive stepback + a layup with 10 points! Ariza, Green fell to the ground wrapped around the rain, but it is not willing to give up. Retro jordans for sale Green three from false investment attracted by all pass, rocket, empty the basket of curry, curry scored the ball easily! library quick three shot! Hit! App store search "get my sports life" download installation of get app, here are share Daren, the goddess of the sun, hot shoe money grab single worry; God help you to identify genuine and fake shoes. For enquiry micro channel "dunkhome", "get", microblogging "when clients", let more people get your life!Nike Zoom Kobe 1 three special editions Sample 2013-12-08 22:20:58 The much anticipated Kobe generation until February 1, 2006 was officially appear. Although 2k4 and 2k5 mark great, but still with scabbard Zoom Kobe 1 selling logo moment, obviously, everyone is looking forward to this pair of shoes. Now let's look at three of Zoom Kobe 1 early models. The first is white shoes with cheap jordans for sale heel embroidery 24. The second is a Lakers colors, matte purple as well as yellow upper support. Kobe has followed the third paragraph of embroidery patterns. Let us enjoy together.New York designer Ronnie Fieg popular again recently and "old" sports brand puma cooperate hand in hand, for its signature shoes Disc Blaze Lite create this called "Coat of Arms" new style. As one of the Paris Fashion Week will be on display 20 pairs of shoes, this pair of "CoA" in the continuation of the signature formula on the basis of the outline, brick red suede toe by combining high-quality black leather constitute the main body of the shoe, but with a unique PUMA Disc buckle system and black with ink from the details in the end. More to the joint shoes related news is expected to be released in succession recently, also requested a lot of attentio cheap foamposites n!& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] coming sports brand Under Armour by initial product - sweat row Tide T-shirt open market, today UA's product range has been expanded to include shoes, sun all kinds of sports equipment, including glasses. The company had had a number of technology companies temperament, UA released a fitness applications software MapMyFitness, and the fabric of implantable wearable device Armour 39. In July, South Korea's Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong and UA executives meet in Seoul, and expressed the hope that with the latter in partnership in the development of wearable products to fight like Apple and Nike, these companies might alliance . budding sports brand Under Armour Only 18-year history of the new brand, operating functional sports clothing, shoe Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping s and related supplies Featured Products: Armour 39 digital motion control system, can be implanted in women jogging bras, used to track heart rate, calorie consumption and exercise intensity, after the introduction of infrared heat Technology ColdGear Infrared, thermal material fabric and Speedform running shoe technology domestic development: Since 2011 until now, Under Armour in mainland China has 14 stores, and another four stores in Taiwan, and with the leading retail chains Giga Sport teamed up shop in Hong Kong. UA, founded in 1996, the football star-turned-founder and CEO Kevin & middot; Planck (Kevin Plank) was the creation of the brand's purpose, just to create a satisfactory performance of professional athletes make tight-fitting sportswear . Since then, the company also does with professional and high-tech products Retro jordans for sale in the US market, many sports brand stand out, particularly sought after by professional athletes and young people, high coverage in the gym (especially fitness coach), and US President Barack Obama is a fan of it. As an American brand, UA influential in young people, especially college students in the United States. In the US campus, wearing a pair of sneakers UA, pedal than Nike, Adidas cool thing. by the initial product - the influx of T-shirts sweat row after opening the market today, UA's product range has been expanded to include shoes, sunglasses, including various types of sports equipment. The company had had a number of technology companies temperament, UA released a fitness applications software MapMyFitness, and the fabric of implantable wearable device Armour 39. In July, South Korea's Samsung Electronics Vice Chairm cheap jordans for sale mens an Lee Jae-yong and UA executives meet in Seoul, and expressed the hope that with the latter in partnership in the development of wearable products to fight like Apple and Nike, these companies might alliance . New Balance 1906 set up in the United States, the President of jogging shoes / Elite Shoes Featured Products: NB574, NB580 domestic development: 2012-2014, NB store expansion in China from 573 to more than 1,000, an increase of 75 percent, and deep into the second and third tier cities. three decades east, west three years. 10 years ago, when Nike, Adidas, easily won the high growth, New Balance also worried how people understand their own. When entering the Chinese market in 2003, when the New Balance try "running shoes" concept to communicate with consumers, on hiatus. The turning point came in 2010, the gradual Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping rise of the domestic hot runners, "running of the sport by the site constraints are very small, easy to participate, participation costs are relatively low, so began to play an important role in China's national movement to change the process." , CEO of sports marketing company key way of Zhang noted that more and more hot runner jogging craze increased demand for wearable device running, but from time to highlight concerns Beginning of New Balance running shoes are just seize this time. In the past several years in the field of running New Balance accumulate professional degree reputation, to win over a large number of loyal collectors runners and running shoes. and Nike, Adidas attempt at football, basketball, running and other categories comprehensive attack compared to New Balance long-term focus on running, it is the first L Cheap air jordans for sale enovo brand, the Nike pointing basketball, Adidas point to football, and New Balance natural and jogging together. inevitable addition, New Balance's popularity was a pleasant surprise. In the drama "Secret Garden," "To the Beautiful You" appeared frequently, and South Korea Street beat up people Lee Hyori was photographed many times the foot with the New Balance; search on Taobao "New Balance", there will be "Yang Mi Xie Na same paragraph" The words ...... celebrities and cultural effects are so worn New Balance evolved into the trend of Asian young people move. Product Manager New Balance in China Peng Yuhui pointed out that in two of New Balance footwear classification - more emphasis on functional movement between running performance and design more everyday way of life, lifestyle shoes actually selling more than athletic perf cheap jordans online ormance Well, because the purpose of the majority of consumers do not buy shoes purely running, jogging shoes comfort, it is suitable for the daily wear, are treated as fashion items to match. Mizuno Mizuno Mizuno Corporation Japan and the United States was founded in 1906, is the world's leading sports equipment, apparel and footwear manufacturers. Product range, covering almost all major sports, to reach more than 300,000 categories. Featured Products: golf shoes, wave series running shoes, soccer shoes domestic development: focus primarily on running shoes, with sales growing at a double-digit rate. Mizuno's 106-year history in a total of three generations, four leaders (President) founder Mizuno Lee eight from 1906 to 1969, from the creation to the enterprise market and share ownership, reigned for 63 years. Mizuno Ken cheap jordan shoes for men saburo, the founder's son, from 1969 to 1988, the reign of 19 years, leading Mizuno successful internationalization third generation Mizuno positive and Mizuno Ming, grandson of the founder, led the globalization era Mizuno. Mizuno Masato From 1988 to 2006, the reign of 18 years. 2005, the Mizuno also in Shanghai opened its first concept store running. In addition to showcasing and running-related products, as well as a variety of foot measurement systems and matching running form of recommendation, sports consultant, seminars and other fixed services in the country before these little specialty, but their presence also shows that the domestic market of the running the scale has been formed. Adidas, Nike and other brands How old hold? US market is beyond the new brand, also the Adidas brand development in microcosm. Adidas recently released third-quarter results, the Group's revenue grew 9%, net profit fell 10.8 percent to 282 million euros. Calculated according to the exchange rate remains unchanged, the adidas Group first three quarters of 2014 sales grew by 6%, from 796 million euros a year earlier net income fell to 630 million euros, representing a drop of 21%. Meanwhile, Adidas gross margins continued to fall this year. suffered the impact of fast fashion brand, channel loss and sales decline, the sports brand is not without a response, Adidas let respected fashion comeback city, Adidas Greater China, third quarter sales grew 13%. The first three quarters of this year, Greater China sales grew 10%. Director of Adidas Group Greater China general manager of high Skyline (Colin Currie), "said athletic performance by a steady stream of innovative products and popular sports fashion products, and many first-class marketing activities to stimulate consumer resonance, we Adidas in China's continued growth provides the impetus. " In addition to product style adjustment, channel sink is also an important aspect of sports brand adjustment, especially after 2008, inventory pressures cause the entire sporting goods industry to lower-tier cities to shop, Adidas and Nike to a second-tier cities such as target international brand market also began to shop in lower tier cities. Qingdao Licang Wanda Plaza settled directly with Nike factory store format. Adidas more radical, released by the end of 2010 "Gateway 2015" program, then 5500 will increase to 8,000 stores from 550 cities to extend to 1400 the city. The new market mostly county-level cities, in addition to digest inventory, Adidas also launched a new brand specifically to clear the way, in 2011 it introduced the low-end pricing, the young and trendy style NEO brand. Some analysts believe that if too much emphasis on lifestyle products, channels and markets continue to sink to the four or five lines, whether brand attributes and position will be weakened and the impact is to be seen in the industry view, only a small adjust to lower prices to meet consumer access to essential functions, this adjustment will face homogenization. is facing many challenges, Adidas, Nike and other established sports brand also constantly adjust again, in this era of new brands continue to rise, in the end still can hold their own markets (Chinese shoes Network? - The most authoritative and most professional shoe News Centre Media Partner: Winnipeg progenitor cloud shoes & nbsp;) & nbsp;